STAS NV Belgium

Market leader in water flow technology. We innovate and produce high tech machines and peripherals for fruit and vegetables. Technologies, hardware and software are developed and assembled in-house.

Infeed technology

Our initial processes involve either utilizing a dry route for bins filled with a wide variety of fruit and vegetablesor a wet approach for the more delicate varieties such as apples, pears, cherry’s, Tomato’s, peaches and more. Either method can be applied to any produce. These methods include brushing and drying  processes which clean andprepare the product for immediate packaging on the grading line.


At STAS the installations, the modules and the special software are all developed in-house, making us unique. 10 percent of our employees are working on the R&D department. Our technicians are constantly working on the further development of new solutions and technologies.

Market demand determines the development of our grading installations. We keep in close contact with producers as well as their customers


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